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address. we look at what is behind the numbers and a potential sales tax increase that may be looming on the horizon. >> reporter: mayor spent a good part of the speech talking about the police department. he would like to see more officers added to the force. there are fewer officers than in past year. and the investigative unit dug up numbers showing it sky rocketing. >> they are working hard. >> reporter: he knows the police are working longer hours. the investigative unit exclusively obtained financial data showing while overall payroll decreased by 10% the numbers show a whopping 35% increase spent on overtime. from more than $12 million in 2011 to more than $16 million last year. he said the number may increase next year. >> we need to make sure our public is protected. overtime is the way to do that. we know you can't do that much overtime all the time. >> reporter: fewer officers on the force equal more overtime. 74% has gone to the rank and file. >> that is why we are recruiting and hiring aggressively. officers are working hard and putting in the overtime. we appreciate that
to tax themselves more to pay for it? our news reporter cornell bernard is live with that story. >> the state of the city is wet today but pretty good. we sat down together to get a preview of the address. he plans to ask voters for help to john rate more revenue. >> things are getting better. >> he says they are improving despite many challenges, including a rising crime rate and creating more jobs. the mayor will talk about plans to support police services and restore pay to worker whose took cuts to help balance the budget in recent years. to do that a sales tax increase is needed. >> we have to go to the ballot to get permission. that would be in 2014. it depends on the voter support. we have done some polling. the voters think we are moving in the right direction. >> that poll shows 70's percent of voters may support a quarter percent sales tax increase but only 57 percent favor half a percent high. and a worker at a maintenance worker that contracts with the city likes anything that will help keep his job. >> another tax hike could be a tough sell. >> people reach fatigue
taxes. now a preview of that. >> the mayor will build his state of the city address around a word that normally no one wants to hear, taxes. tonight, the mayor 8 call on community leaders to organize a campaign for city seals tax -- sales tax to restore money to city workers who took cuts. residents are willing to pay new taxes with 70 percent support for a .25 sales tax increase and 57 percent for half a cent sales tax increase. the earliest this would be on the ballot is next year. folks here in san jose have voted four times to aprove sales tax increases since the mayor has taken office back in 2007 and it is not clear if another will fly. we will find out tonight when the mayor makes his state of the city address tonight. >> right now we have breaking news to tell you about in southern california. three police officers have been shot, two in riverside and one in corona. this is over riverside where the police department says an officer was killed. reports say the shootings could be related to a suspect wanted in connection of a double murder in irving. this has gotten a lot of
are people ready to raise their taxes again? why the mayor is planning to ask them to do just that tonight. plus... >> on treasure island before you drive on the new bay bridge how about a stroll Ñfd:pg francisco? start training now, you'll be able to do that if you want to. we'll explain coming up live. >> a girl gets honored for her lemonade stand. >> i'm michael finney. going the distance. tips how to make your car last 200,000 mile >>> planning for the new bay bridge opening celebration going on in earnest now it will close over labor day weekend in a public celebration is in the works but it's going to take a lot of money. >> heather. >> there are two major pieces of celebrations planning on logistics that will almost certainly be paid for with public funding and money your toll money. other piece is the fun part, the party. and it will be paid for with private funding before new bay bridge opens for traffic it will be closed to finish up construction projects. and on sunday and monday, the public will be invited onto the bridge for a walk.3amí there may bekk a bike ride ana conc
there openly for seven years and pay all the taxes. but today officials determined it was actually trespassing. boo. so the bank repossessed the home. boo. and changed the locks. kill joy. bank of america. don't they have enough money? steve harrigan is in the south florida newsroom. still no word from loci boy though, i'm bummed. >> no, shepard. no appearance of loci boy yet. it was 1:00 p.m. when police moved in on that 2.5, a bedroom mansion. brought locksmiths with them as well. broke open that iron gate. went inside. no sign of loci boy or seven or eight people also occupying that house. they found a lot of toiletries and a real mess. they pulled that outside and bank of america now has taken possession of that house. they issued a statement which said we appreciate the assistance of local authorities and the patience of neighbors as we work to have the trespassers removed. no word on where loci boy might be. police told us this afternoon they are not looking for him and there is no warrant for his arrest. shepard? >> shepard: loci boy unwittingly a leader of others as there are copy cats
they are also a little bit pessimistic when. asked if tax less go up on middle class americans this year, 68% said they think, yes, that taxes are going to go up. if that is the case, i mean economic activity can't be helped by that, is it, joe? >> well, no, but they are right, jon. i mean when you look at it the payroll tax that was pulled off as a way to give people a little bit more money in their pocketbooks, to buy things, and to get the kids to school, and put gas in the car, that came off. so the payroll tax is back on, and that affects everybody. i know we talked a lot during the tax issues about the upper 2%, but average americans are going to be hit by putting some of the tax breaks back on -- i mean taking them off that were on, that has happened. people are already going to start feeling that one. so i think that poll sort of reflects reality. jon: kind of interesting too, he defeated hillary clinton in the race for the nomination, four or five years ago and these days according to the polls she is more popular than the president is. does that surprise you, joe? >> no. i think, l
. >> people would live in the bay area's largest city are having a change of heart for the taxes. arrest cornell bernard tells us from san jose as the mayor is ready for the state of the city address. cornell? >> normally it is a word no one wants to hear but the mayor will make it a big part of the state of the city address. the word is "taxes." the mayor says the city needs a sales tax increase and will call on community leaders to organize a campaign to support police and fire services and restore pay for workers who had to take cuts to balance the budget. a poll suggests that voters could be willing to do that. there is 70 percent support if a quarter percent sales increase but 57 percent for half a percent increase. the earliest it would be on the battle is next year, the 5th sales tax measure voters have approved since the mayor took office in 2007. the state of the city address is underway at 6:30 right here at city hall. >> fairfield police are asking for your help in finding the killer of a 13-year-old girl. the guardi
to raise taxes. the mayor's idea is to raise the city's sales tax. voters would have to approve it. but -- >> it now appears from our most recent survey that a majority of the voters might support another tax increase. >> in his state of the city speech tonight, reed also said san jose will be able to hire more police officers in the next years. he says money from that will come from savings on pensions. >>> have you filled up lately? you've probably noticed that gas is getting more expensive again. but this really gave us some sticker shock. yeah, you're reading that right. chico's gas station charging $5.03 a gallon for regular. gas prices have shot up almost 40 cents in just the past month. why? switching to the more expensive summer blend of fuel. >>> tonight, there are new rules of the road. new rules for drivers and new rules for motorcycle riders. you've probably seen this. motorcyclists weaving in between cars. they can do that in california. but now there are written do's and don'ts for lane splitting. >> reporter: when sh
cuts. they kick in automatically march 1. we'll tell you what americans find so taxing about the president's plan to fix the mess. martha: get ready for a blizzard. a winter storm historic proportions we are being told. >> now is the time before the storm hits. get your shovels ready. sand, fill your gas tanks in your cars. make sure you have enough heating fuel. you know, for at least a week. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. martha: let's look at what's developing right now in america's newsroom. we are being told the tsunami in the pacific wiped out five villages in the solomon islands. nine bodies have been recovered so far and that number is expected to rise. a report says american airlines is ready to merge with u.s. airways. sources tell us it will happen next week. the merger could create the largest airline in the whole world. how about this
the mayor could campaign for a citywide tax increase to support city services. a new poll released says the majority of residents are okay with a one quarter percent increase. >> i'm grateful for the support that i have gotten from the public and that we have for the possibility of a tax increase. i think it means we're on the right track. >> if it is for the city's progress, you know, why not? you know? anything for the good of the people i think that's welcome. >> reporter: some opponents say it's not that simple. >> for a city tax to pass, there needs to be broad community support. and this mayor's leadership has been extraordinarily divisive. what he needs to do is build some bridges before we can get a tax passed. >> reporter: the mayor will plan to give his state of the city at the san jose civic auditorium and it's open and free to all guests. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> a bay area family attacked by armed strangers. the terror that followed after a daughter confronted those gunmen. >> do you still do work even after you leave th
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of measure "q," the contra costa district parcel tax. residents are trying to come up with creative solutions to help fund emergency services. for now, the station will only be staffed between 2:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 at night monday through saturday. >>> it's raining, it's pouring. the old man is snoring. is that right? >> bumped his head -- >> when he went to head and he couldn't get up in the morning. >> talk about full service. >> it's raining out there, but nothing like we're getting ready to experience on the east coast. i like to put a little positive spin on things whenever i can. we need that rain. let's show you. the bulk of the moisture has come through the bay area. right here in the south bay at 11:09. what we're expecting from this system, we're not out of the woods just yet. all this moisture racing towards morgan hill. be there in about half an hour. and on its way to gilroy in 45 minutes. spotty activity throughout the day today. the steady rain, at least for now, is going to give us a little bit of a break. showers and a cold blast on the way tomorrow morning. low snow
yogs a tax increase? next. >> and a campaign to curb gun violence through some of the toughest firearms restrictions. news at can 6:00 >>> the mayor of the bay area's largest city gives his state of the state city address in about 30 minutes. david louie is live with the preview of that for us. >> the mayor thinks residents might be willing to pay myer sales taxes if the money can go to hiring more police officers and restoring pay cuts. the reason is rising crime. >> san jose had four homicides so far this year. and a string of robberies. >> crime has gone up. it's scary. y know? thinking about safety of kids and everybody. >>ó) needs to be addressed. >> interest there is not enough offices to respond to calls when people are in danger. >> is that an issue that needs to be8 >> i think yes. everybody believe that's. >> the mayor won't disappoint and gave us a preview saying beefing up police will be a top priority. >> priority to restore capacity in the police department. we'll start working on that now with savings we should able to add officers but in the short run we need to retain
. criminals use stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns and then receive bogus refunds. the irs says it has prevented thefts of $20 billion last year, half, again, as much as the year before. but the tax agency says it admits it still does miss some. >>> and here's more evidence that facebook weaves a tangled web. many users browsing the internet yesterday were redirected from major sites to a facebook error page. but it only affected those who were logged into facebook with the same browser. and going to sites that had facebook's like button. facebook has fixed the problem. >>> british authorities say some recalled frozen lasagna packages contained 60% horse meat and some as much as 100%. earlier this month, millions of burgers were pulled off of british shelves because they were tainted. horse meat isn't a health risk for humans. but it's just generally not eaton in britain or the u.s. >> that's a nasty story. >>> and your chances of finding love, and more, at work may depend on your profession. more than 8% of artists say they've hooked up with a colleague. number two for workplac
is considering raising the sales tax by a quarter to a half percent. >>> christening the new bay bridge in style. the pricey plan for the public celebration and the debate over how to pay for it. >>> a heart stopper for drivers and adrenaline rush for riders. the new rules for motorcyclists and drivers. >> and a real microclimate for real estate. the small bay area neighborhoods seeing an explosion in sales prices. ,,,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. new bay bridge. we're now 207 days >>> tonight the clock continues to tick down to the opening of the new bay bridge. we are 207 days away and the celebration to christen the eastern span
criticizes california's income and sales tax and touts the fact that texas has no personal state income tax. >>> in just about 40 minutes the day two of the at&t classic. there are many familiar faces, a former secretary of state, she started playing golf just five-years ago when she was midway through her ten europe as secretary of state. she is one of ten women in the field and one of her drives hit a person watching. >> i said i know how to do diplomacy, not sure about the golf course. >> think she will be happier playing golf than the job she had. to much pressure, got to relax playing golf. i don't think you can being the secretary of state. >> they shared the lead after round one. russell knox is at six under par, phil mickelson opened with a 69 at monterey peninsula. >> so beautiful out there. >> right there. yep. >> our weather, scattered showers this morning, look out the window. that's a beautiful sky. we like that. steve paulson is coming back. he has the weekend forecast. >> also it's a story you will only see here. fines for people who break the rules on spare the air da
to a tax increase to fund the police department laying out the land in the state of the city address saying although there is a small surplus this year, it is still not enough to beef up the struggling police department. layoffs, and pension reforms have shrunk the department to under 1,000. the mayor promises to add 200 officers over the next two years but the union wants more. >> we are looking for sheas to pay competitive wage for police officers. the rate now is much less than any of the surrounding cities. >> in 2014 we can explain to the public to they give us additional revenues we will restore services. >> the mayor is suggesting up to half a percent sales tax increase. the measure cannot go before the voters until next year. >> talk about timely, considering what going on in the east coast, searchers are going to extremes to figure how extreme weather damages property. >> headlines that could break chocolate lovers heart, from jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, believe it or not bloomberg learned that someone hired by insurance groups is making balls th
income and sales tax and touts the fact texas has no personal state income tax. >>> time now 6:17. police in fairfield looking for the men that say duct taped and robbed a school janitor to steal ipads. 40 ipads were stolen. the men were armed. they ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it's not the first time the school has been targeted to steal ipads. it's been robbed three other times in the past four months. >>> man charged with vandalizing a muni bus during the giants world series celebration goes back to court today. 22-year-old gregory is accused of smashing the windshield of a bus. back in december he pleaded not guilty to those charges. now that vandalism back in october cost muni at least $1 million. police have made several arrests in this case but they are still searching for more people who may have been involved. >>> 18mys after qualify -- 18 minutes after 6:00. could be getting busier. >> right now we are looking at some of the east bay commutes. especially highway 4 which is busier as i mentioned. the traffic is busier in antioch. it's not all
to a tax increase to help fund the police department. the mayor laid out the plan last night in the state of the city address saying although there is a small surplus this year, it is still not enough to beef up the struggling police department. lay offs and pension reform have shrunk the department under 1,000 people. the mayor promises to add 200 officers the next two years but the believes union wants more. >> we are looking for san jose to pay a competitive wage for police officers. the market rate san jose pays is much less than any of the surrounding cities. >> in 2014 we will be able to explain to the public if they give us additional revenue we will restore services. >> the mayor is suggesting up to half a percent sales tax. a measure cannot go before voters until next year. >> investigators are wanting of a door-to-door scam in san mateo county trying to sell magazine subscriptions to benefit the reason amend mcdonald house. they are well dressed and plight but not affiliated with the organization. they only use fundraisers and special events to finance their expenses. >> a searc
, deficits and taxes and is sequesters and potl government shutdown, but all from the perspective of how are we making sure that somebody who works hard in this country, a cop or a teacher or a construction worker, or a receptionist, that they can make it if they work hard? and that their kids can make it? >> what's the message there to you, chris. >> he wants to be a transformative president in the second term and move from the center right idea that says cutting and less government is better ffr the economy to one that says that the government can plan, organize, direct economic activity and take tax revenues and borrowed money to stimulate and help out these middle class people, but it doesn't sync up with what people are thinking now so the president has a big sales job ahead of him and to your point, you and janice were talking about, if you've already been hit by one storm, the recession that followed the panic of 2008 and if you're waiting for the next storm to hit land, my goodness, not receptive to the idea of the government borrowing more and taxing more when you think that's a
favor perhaps a quarter percent maybe even half percent hike in the sales tax in the city to help the coffers. any thoughts on that? >> well, i'm grateful for the support that i have gotten from the public and that we have for the possibility of a tax increase. i think it means we're on the right track doing the right things. the people are willing to consider giving us more money. we would not be able to go to the ballot until 2014 so there's a lot of work to do before then but i'm cautiously optimistic we'll be able to use the funds to restore services we have cut over the last 10 years. >> mayor reed, thank you so much live in san jose and all the best today with your state of the city address. >> thank you. >>> all right. now let's get back to kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on the san jose parolee who was able to drive off with a police van. cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. i believe that san jose police officers probably are still scratching their heads this morning as to how this whole thing happened. and as they co
is offering all kinds of things like no income taxes, reduced sales taxes, some contributions to the whole business of what happens to employees, some grants. >> does to work? >> no. you still have to live in texas. >> all right, guys. >> not the boss. he will just have the workers go there. >> we'll have a small meeting about that brewpub, too, on treasure island, after the show here, guys. phil matier, mayor brown, thank you. >>> well, we know joe flacco went to disneyland after the super bowl. where did colin kaepernick go? >> tattoo parlor. >> of course. >> of course. not there though. he added more ink to his chest to match his wildly tatted up arms. the san jose artist who did the work says it reflects inner strength, spiritual growth and humility. >>> as if the 9ers super bowl loss wasn't bad enough it meant we had to make good on a wager that i think you didn't really do this, did you? >> you and lawrence made this wager by the way. >> with the anchors in baltimore. >> if the 9ers won the anchors at wjz would have to sing "i left my hear
. kapernick test and sellers are now totally covered. he says the new tax represent his family, and our strength, appeared to grow in humility. >> he may not need a jersey next year. >> tiger woods staying at all so at&t needs a jolt. round out at pebble beach. bill murray with the muttonchops sit signing a woman's forehead. mary knows the course well, he makes the nice approach shot that catches the slope and heads down held stopping about to end the 15 he beat from whole. >> up former nba player and hiv and aids activist magic johnson meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for an event at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] g
for a quarter to half cent sales tax increase. that's a reversal from last year when he blocked such a measure from the november ballot. he will be a speaker at the state of the valley conference hosted by joint venture silicon valley. >>> san francisco may have just hit a real estate record. a house here just went for nearly $10 million. the 5500-square-foot home is in the liberty heights neighborhood. the area has become increasingly trendy especially with the hipsters and the young tech crowd. >> we have even the whole area change dramatically. the dot-com went to dot-bomb and that went to a downturn. >> whoever bought the house must have really wanted it. that broker couldn't find another house in the area going for more than $3 million. >>> if you filled up lately, you probably notice that gas is getting more expensive again. but this really gave us sticker shock. take a look. you are reading that right. chico's gas station in south san francisco is charging $5.03 for a gallon of regular. gas prices are up almost 40 cents in the past mo
for a quarter percent citywide tax increase to help fund city services. >>> a lot of changes weather- wise here in the bay area. rain and also back east a nor'easter. >> they have that big storm back east. they don't want that. that's too big of a problem. what we need and want is rainfall. we are getting it. this won't impact your weekend. it will be out of here before the weekend. more rain moving in. kpix 5 hi-def doppler looking at all that activity blossom to the north and west over the past hour. mainly the showers have moved on land right now are in marin county and sonoma county. a little bit of rainfall santa rosa, i'd say by 6:00 that rain will really be picking up for you stretching east toward yountville, st. helena, napa and petaluma. so showers picking up once again this evening. mother nature being a little more generous am a few spots may get half inch of rain tonight and early tomorrow including concord, san rafael and also redwood city. in the city of san francisco our computer predicting about .25" of additional rainfall. looking liv
've also borrowed money to pay dividends to avoid the tax that kicked in at the end of the year. >> alisyn: unintended consequences. >> yes. >> alisyn: gerri willis, thanks so much for soming in. >> thank you. >> alisyn: there are developments on the breaking stories just ahead. awaiting a news conference in this manhunt. it is a tense crime scene that has left three people dead, that leaves two injured and police thought they were shooting at the gunman and tension running high all across southern california. we'll bring you the latest. and new fallout from the storm video from north korea showing an american city in flames. and why youtube took it down and what lawmakers want president obama to do about it now. ♪ can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. >> we want to show you live pictures right now coming back from riverside, california and the police department there, we're expecting a news confere
date. in 1982 he was arrested on that outstanding warrant, then he pleaded guilty to felony lou tax on a child. he was sentenced to six months in jail and three years' probation. >> therrien was also wanted in canada for a crime in 1973. police said they he kidnapped and sexually assaulting two children. if he was arrested and charged, but once he was released, he fled canada. if police say he was never caught because, in part, he used so many different names. >> send francisco's chief grewg suhr says that kevin collins case has long haunted him and his department. he says that he remembers one collins went missing. he was rose of the new on the force at the time. he also attended the same school as kevin. he talked about what it was like speaking with kevin's mother about the cold case. >> suhr also said that along with many other veteran officers, he is deeply committed to finding kevin and uncovering the truth about his disappearance. >> we will be right back. to blend our sweet sausages with our savory spices. some people see a hickory and think, cabinet. we see a hickory and
monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ ine . >>> in one of the most closely watched trials since casey anthony, jody arias has an arizona courtroom transfixed. she's on the stand for a third day now claiming self defense in the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend. frankly what is coming from the stand is nothing short of disgusting. we want to warn you there are very graphic sexual descriptions, but here's the issue. that testimony just happens to be critical to her case. >> reporter: jody arias fessed up to sordid details of a racy sex life with a man she now says she had to kill to save herself. a man with whom intimate and graphic sex encounters seemed common place. but now form the cornerstone of her defense, no matter how embarrassing when detailed out loud. >> he unzipped his pants. he began to have anal sex with me. >> given that it was painful, why didn't you tell him no. >> i knew that is what he wanted for a while. and i just trusted him.
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all of these tax cuts and then when asked about what did it mean and how would you pay for it? they said, see me about that after the election. >> we've been listening to plt bill clinton as he gives the annual keynote address at the caucus taking place in leesburg, virginia, playing up the fact that this is one of the most diverse democratic it houses. earlier today they had stephen colbert having an interview with nancy pelosi. so good guest list that they've had there at the caucus event in leesburg, virginia. >>> the other big story that we've been following is from the west coast. it's getting more incredible by the moem. the big bear ski resort outside of l.a. is now the epicenter for the search for this former sharpshooter wanted for multiple homicides. 33-year-old christopher dorner murdered three people, including a cop and the daughter of a former police captain. and then in a disturbing manifesto published on facebook, he calls members of law enforcement high-value targets and addresses random thoughts to people like hillary clinton and wayne lapierre. with me now,
the fact that texas has no personal state income tax. >>> authorities are scaling back a search for a missing man in santa rosa. but family members are not giving up hope. searchers have spent six days looking for 35-year-old jason kyle of sacramento. investigators say a hiker spotted him naked and chanting on saturday but he has not been seen since. family members say he is disupon tent over personal issue. they plan to carry on the search and asking for volunteers to help them. >>> golfers will tee off for day two. there are plenty of famous faces on the links including former secretary of state condoleezza rice. not bad. it looks like she was in the sand maybe. she is getting her first taste of big time golf on pebble beach. he started playing golf five years ago when she was mid way through her tenure of secretary of state. >> you ask me how did it compare to diplomacy. well, i know how to do diplomacy. >> i think she will be here more playing golf than what she did. >> two golfers share the lead after round one. >> i think i can handle condoleezza rice on the golf course. >
in san jose. his chest and shoulders are now totally covered. he says the new tax represent his family, and our strength, spiritual growth and humility. the pose of the photos on his instagram. >> he's in great shape so >> tiger woods stay home at the at&t needs a jolt. round out at pebble beach. bill murray with the muttonchops citing a woman's forehead. murray and he knows the course well, what he makes a nice approach shot that catches the slope and heads down hills stopping about 10 to 15 ft. from hold. sixth of all, defending champion phil mickelson and makes the short putt for par. former nba player and hiv and aids activists magic johnson the meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for a bit at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly and discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. >> before the new eastern span of the bay bridge opens the vehicles the bay area is being invited to try out on fled. the $6.3 billion that will officially open on september 3rd the tuesday after labor day. the days before
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is considering a 2014 ballot measure that would call for a quarter to half century sales tax increase. that's a reversal from last year when he blocked such a measure from the november ballot. >>> stress on the job can lead to health risks like smoking and overeating. >> but researchers say there is no evidence it causes cancer. a study in the british medical journal looked at work related stress and found no link to the development of colorectal, lung, breast or prostate cancers. but job strain can cause chronic inflammation which may be a cancer risk. >>> 5:20. it has to be one of the greatest feelings ever, the buzzer beater shot that earned our play of the day. >> that's coming up. will mother nature cooperate? we have the leaderboard from pebble beach coming up. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what
's newtown district is calling for a sin tax on violent video games in the wake of the sandy hook school massacre. republican debra lee hovey is proposing a tax on "m" for mature for more education on violence. >>> steven spielberg had it wrong when he had two members of the house delegation voting against the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. >> something's wrong here. this just cannot possibly be correct. that's a source of information a lot of people may never get any other source in terms of the history of the civil war or the 13th amendment. >> courtney says he had written a letter to spielberg and asking part of the movie be corrected before "lincoln" is released on dvd and blu-ray later this month. >>> so recognize that supermodel? why, that's soledad o'brien walking down the runway. >> woo, woo! >> at the red dress collection fashion dress. >> i'm thinking oh, lord, please do not let me fall. >> you look gorgeous. >> a stunny cherry dress off-the-shoulder dress. the event inspires women to get and stay healthy. how high were your feels? >> about five inches, impossible to walk i
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